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         African drumming workshops     
African drumming workshops are provided for a wide range of abilities and events, including: One on one personal tuition, through to schools, drum groups and 200 person plus corporate events.
All drums provided.
Corporate events and team building
Drumming has quickly become very popular as an accessible and highly enjoyable activity for large groups. It has the added benefits of its emphasis on teamwork and communication skills.
Drumming is proven to reduce stress levels and is a great icebreaker at a conference or corporate event.
Everyone can participate no matter what their level of ability and it’s also great fun!
All drums and instruments provided with provision for 250+ participants.
Drumming workshops for schools
Classes available for all age ranges and abilities that focus on learning to play together as a group. An introduction to the instruments, techniques and the basics of rhythm integration through to exploring traditional African polyrhythmic compositions establish a solid foundation for future music study. Drumming is a very accessible musical activity that everyone can join in with. It’s also great fun!
Individual drumming tuition
This provides an opportunity to focus on establishing a solid foundation in technique and theory that will facilitate more rapid advancement and increased ability to handle more complex rhythms.
African drum groups
Working with established drum groups can be the most rewarding as it allows for the development of traditional African rhythms and compositions to performance standard. This includes the role of the dunun or bass drums as the foundation of the rhythm; breaks and calls and solo techniques and improvisation.
Ideal for those who would like their drumming to be “going somewhere”.