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Ghanaian drums and percussion
Made from African  cedar, an ecologically sustainable alternative to hardwoods, these drums are ideal for schools and workshops as they are generally much lighter in weight.
Djembe - Goblet shaped hand drum with goatskin (Sometimes cow or antelope) Good bass, sharp slaps.
Dunun - Barrel shaped with cow skin each end. Played with a stick to give deep bass.
Bougarabou - Similar to djembe but taller and with cow or antelope. Good bass, rich tone.
Goumbe - Similar to a conga, distended barrel shape with cow or antelope. Good bass, mellow tone.
Ashiko - Slimmer, cheaper alternative to the goumbe.
Kpanlogo - Distended barrel shape with antelope held by pegs. Rich but soft tone.
Ewe drums - Similar to kpanlogo but come in a range of sizes and played with sticks or stick and hand.
Apentema - Similar to kpanlogo but different shape and higher tone. Played with hand.
Talking drum - Small hourglass drum played by squeezing under the arm to alter pitch.
Many other drums available (see price list) or please enquire.
Xylophones - High quality. Wooden keys with gourds from 8 key small to 18 key pro versions. Pentatonic.
Caxixi - Woven seed filled shakers in a variety of styles and sizes.
Chekere - Gourd with seed net on the outside.
Ju-ju rattle - multiple seed cases strung to a handle.
Gourd shaker - Gourd filled with seeds.
Coco shaker - Gourd case filled with seeds.
Seed pod shaker - Long dried seed cases.
Double cowbells - from small to XXL.
Slit bells - Long narrow folded bell played in the hand or attached to dunun.
Pod bells - Played in one hand by metal ring on thumb.
Drum hats - Protective drum covers.                                                                          
Drum bags - High quality shower-proof  protective bags.                                     
Skins  - Goat /cow etc.

Other instruments &

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