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Pro-djembe range
         For the very highest quality professional djembes
No expense has been spared or corners cut to produce instruments for the serious player or professional performer.

Only the best hardwood djembe shells including lenke (lengue), hari, iroko, boire rouge and dimba from Guinea, Mali and Cote d’Ivoire are carefully selected and hand finished here in the U.K.

4 mm high quality pre-stretched yachting line. Requires minimal tuning and is suitable for multiple re-skinning without replacement.

Quality, cleaned, stretched African goatskin in various weights to suit all preferences.

Built to the most exacting standards by a professional drum maker in the U.K. with 15 + years experience. Don’t be fooled by “Master djembe” and “Super Master djembe”  hype on the internet. These drums are the pinnacle of djembe making and have been provided to and performed with on stage by well known and famous djembe masters.All drums pulled to playing standard before tuning is applied so the tuning will outlast the life of the skin even at constant solo pitch.
Drums repaired for and supplied to professional African djembefola in the UK.

Prices for these and other high quality djembe drums range from:
£225 to £300
Please enquire     (See photos)